SK1. The Briefing Note

First of all, we will sit down and have a briefing meeting with you to identify, understand and write down your constraints and needs in terms of layout and furniture requirements but also costs. A briefing note will be issued. 

SK2. The Survey

Our design office will work in strict accordance to the briefing note issued in SK1. They will take into account your needs and constraints and offer you the best solutions for you.   

SK3. The drawings

Our experts will then provide you with some drawings corresponding to the solutions we have identified for you in SK2. For your convenience, we develop 3D drawings, which will give you a better visual and enhance your experience. 

SK4. The Manufacturing process

Once you have validated the plans handed over to you in SK3, our workshop – plans in hand – will start manufacturing the furniture and furnishings for your designated sales area efficiently and in the shortest possible time frame.

SK5. The Delivery

We will do our utmost to deliver your furniture as quickly as possible. Our delivery service is trustworthy and we can promise you a timely delivery.

SK6.The Installation

Should you choose our turnkey solution, our teams will take care of the assembly and installation, directly at your point of sale.