“Large specialized supermarkets : 
DIY stores, furniture stores, Pret-a-porter chains…”

Expert in large volume, Shops Konzept designs and manufactures furniture for all types of specialized stores. Do-it-yourself, furniture, book or Pret-a-porter stores, contact us and we will accompany and help you in the realization of all your interior design projects. As with food supermarkets, our customers have the choice between standard or custom-made furniture (specific furniture). Contact us for a quote.


We offer a wide range of specifically designed furniture only for games and toys stores. In our offer, you can find standard or specific furniture, custom made for you.

We have standard gondolas, custom-made gondolas, trolleys and other types of furniture ideal for this type of store.


A DIY store has very specific requirements due to the very nature of its offering. This type of store requires displays and shelves of various shapes and sizes in order to efficiently and attractively present the products.

We develop the necessary furniture for this specific layout need: gondolas, displays, trays for bulk products, etc….


Shops Konzept also develops furniture to optimize your sales space in bookstores.

Shelves, custom-made islands, specific gondolas… do not hesitate to let us know your wishes!