“Food supermarkets : Hypermarkets, Supermarkets,
Hard-Discounters and Organic supermarkets”

Shops Konzept designs and manufactures furniture for mass retailing. Whether a hypermarket, a supermarket, a hard-discounter or an organic supermarket, we advise you and will assist you in every aspect of your project.  For all our furniture – gondolas, shopfitting furniture for bakeries, fruitsand vegetables, fresh departments, household appliances, reception areas etc – our customers have the choice between standard furniture or custom-made (specific furniture).


In order to better showcase fresh products which are sensitive, such as fruits and vegetables, we manufacture designer, but more importantly, ergonomic furniture for large and medium sized supermarkets. Our furniture will allow you to better showcase the quality and freshness of your products, which in turn will encourage your customers to stroll down the aisles at their leisure, as they would walk around the market.



In order to better showcase your wine and spirits area and subtly guide your customers in their choices, we manufacture furniture specifically designed and intended for this space. They are custom-made to your expectations and wishes. When the wine department is welll organized and attractive, it is one of the most popular area in stores. We will also gladly give you some advice, at your discretion, on how to improve your merchandising.



Your pastries must be carefully and sufficiently showcased to arouse the curiosity and interest of your clients.

 We will help you showcase your bread, bakery and pastry products in an attractive and personalised way. We manufacture both refrigerated cabinets, as well as stationary or mobile bread racks.



Showcasing particularly well the hygiene and beauty area can bring you a significant additional turnover. This is an area with real potential and that is why we give it our utmost attention and develop carefully thought through merchandising and furniture with a neat and coherent design. You can discover some of our achievements adjacent. 





We have the knowledge and can manufacture any specific furniture, any specific type of shelf for any specific area of a supermarket. 

Even if you have a project involving a different type of business than the ones you see on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not show all our projects online. And for your information, should you wish it, our design office can also create a customized 3D plan.